As a practicing CPA, I prepare income taxes, consult, perform temporary management assignments, and more. At this time I do not prepare payroll taxes. I prepare proprietor, corporation, partnership, LLC, LLP business and individual income taxes.

My California Society of CPAs member listing shows details.

As a former diamond quickbooks proadvisor, I worked with many Intuit-based businesses from point-of-sale to on-line.  I did release the proadvisor program as I feel  many new accounting packages are available at reasonable cost and offering great flexibility.  I continue to service quickbooks, freshbooks, accountant’s edge, and many others.  Automating reports with minimal manual manipulation is useful in reducing the time needed to run small business.We do taxes and more

The fun part is developing managment uses and clearing old models.  Clear the 10% of the transactions causing the greatest time loss and concern.  I would like to help you make a small change that results

Accounting and Taxes are part of what we do
About us:

in a big difference.

Please listen to Steve Rother speaking about Heidi’s profession on the Lightworker.com webcast from minute 11:57 to 16.41 where he encourages her business consulting.

Heidi is available as a guest speaker for accounting.  She is available private and telephone appointments in Fairfield, California.  She is also available for speaking engagements and tours throughout the Western States and Hawaii. Please contact us for classes local to you.

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  1. tom spott says:

    Seattle has a big sound therapy school and apparently is world renown for their graduates.

    Seattle is a fun place to play. We were just at Seattle Bites – a sort of local fair with beer tasting from craft breweries and all the food trucks in Seattle showing off their recipes. What fun. We live in Northgate – a literal 9 minute bus ride to downtown Seattle. So, we have all the City stuff at our fingertips. Since we have been here we have partaken in Jazz clubs, live theater (the Jersey Boys, Hairspray, etc.) and art walks. In Marin the City was basically off limits unless you wanted to drive in – uggggg – not me. It is so cheap to live up here, too – I get fresh (not frozen) Salmon for like $3.99 a pound and can get crab all year around (frozen off season but ok for ciopino)(spelling). Wine tends to be slightly higher, though, over California. My real estate taxes dropped in half and of course there is no income tax. So, it is much cheaper to live up here.

    I’ll look forward to your visit. I’m about to join the WA society of CPA’s and will be able to tell you about that.
    See ya


  2. HeidiS says:

    Thank you again for all your San Francisco hosted seminars and international tax forums and get-togethers over the years. Fairfield was just a bit too far away to come every time as you know. San Francisco is not 9 minutes-North Bay to Financial District as your current commute is! Seattle sounds wonderful for you, and it would be fun to get there.

    I have referred some folks to your Amazon kindle book, so I wanted to show a link: Taxes-Non-Citizens-Made-Easy I bought one and found what I needed quickly without reading it cover to cover, thank gracious. I am grateful you published it.

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